AWS Fundamental Concepts.

  • Create AWS Account.
  • Connecting to AWS console.
  • Enabling 2FA for AWS console.
  • Understanding AWS Billing.
  • Setting Budget for AWS Account.


  • Create a USER in IAM.
  • Create a group in IAM.
  • Create Role in IAM.
  • Assign a Role to User in IAM
  • Create a Policy in IAM.

AWS EC2 Concepts

  • Create a EC2 instance in AWS
  • Convert EC2 instance to AMI in AWS
  • Create Snapshots for EBS in EC2.
  • Assign EBS/EFS in AWS EC2.
  • Security Groups in EC2.
  • Inbound / Outbound rules in EC2.


  • Create a Oracle RDS in AWS.
  • Create a MySQL RDS in AWS.
  • Create a PostgreSQL RDS in AWS.
  • Create a Aurora SQL in AWS.
  • Parameter group and Option Group in RDS.
  • How Backup RDS in AWS.
  • How to start/stop RDS in AWS.
  • Cost optimization in RDS.

AWS Auto Scaling Group.